Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Mini Macabre Review #2

Hello Mary Lou: Prom Night II

What if Freddy Kruger was a girl? She would be Mary Lou. This is a seriously wonderful hidden 80s horror gem that should not be overlooked due to it's unnecessary re-titling as a Prom Night sequel. It is a stand alone film that has no connection, plot wise or thematically, to the original slasher classic (which of its own merit is a fantastic film). Hello Mary Lou is a much more supernatural affair about a ghost of a dead prom queen coming back to take vengeance, Carrie style, on the high school she once attended. As a result, you get a ton of awesomely crafted dream sequences with some trippy imagery akin to Nightmare on Elm Street. Not to mention the references to countless other horror movies and writers throughout the entire film. However, even without recognizing the connections to other horror flicks, this is one fun film on its own. This movie deserves a proper remaster and blu-ray release.

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