Friday, June 22, 2018

The Hillshire Haunting is Out Today on Kindle!

Today, I am very excited and proud to announce the release of my very first horror novella in over two years. Happily, this book and many more are being released under the supervision of S. Prescott Thrillers--a division of Summer Prescott Books Publishing where a very dear friend of mine has worked as a cozy writer for the past two years. 

But now it's my turn up to bat!

The Hillshire Haunting was a labor of love on my part, balancing scares, gore, and fun into one cohesive story. Along with my editor, publicist, and publisher I was able to hone the elements of this story into such a tale that would befit many different readers (readers, hopefully, just like you). In my opinion, horror should be scary and pulse pounding but not disgusting or disturbing. Horror, just like much of fiction, is an intended escape and release from everyday reality. If the horror in the story gets too "real," I feel it defeats the purpose of reading the story at all! 

I sincerely hope you agree when you read this ghost story. 

I have been a student of the horror genre, and genre fiction in general, for over five years. I've worked as a blogger, journalist, editor, and publicist in the horror and dark fantasy genres in this time. Additionally, I wrote up dissertations and discussions on the important tropes, story arcs, cliches, and styles of both Gothic and horror fiction and how they apply to our current social, emotional, and cultural selves--specifically on an individual level. I've presented my theories and findings in various forums and professional circles.    

In the end, all of that work and effort has led me to this point--where I can finally share my own horror stories with a wide audience of readers. It's all thanks to my publisher Summer Prescott, my editor/publicist Gretchen Allen, fellow writer Carolyn Q. Hunter, my wife, and even her parents who've always supported my passion and profession. 

And to you, dear reader, thank yo for taking a chance to read this short tale of terror. I hope you enjoy it . . . but don't turn off the lights!

Buy the book on Amazon now for only 99 cents for a limited time. Here is the official Blurb:

How could a weekend writer's retreat go so horrifically wrong?
For eighteen-year-old Agatha Reed, life has never been easy. She’s socially awkward, making her an obvious target for school bullies, and she can't begin to fathom how to connect with her single mother. All she wants from life is to be left alone in her own little world, and to eventually become a successful mystery writer.

When Agatha receives an invitation for a weekend writing retreat, hosted by her all-time favorite mystery author, Francine Gothic, it seems like a dream come true. Unfortunately, what none of the guests realize is that the old plantation manor, where they’ll be staying, has a history that is quite dark, and will impact them in ways that they never imagined. 

An incident which seems, initially, like a harmless prank takes a terrifying turn, and Agatha will need to muster every ounce of her strength and creativity to find an escape if she wants to survive the night.

This stunning debut novella of haunting and murder, by author N.C. Patterson, will have you screaming…for more.

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